Labour Day Showcase Tournament
1) A vs E Sat Trillium 3pm
2) D vs G Sat Low Kinsmen 11am
3) A vs G Friday Heritage 8pm
4) D vs E
Sunday Trillium 9am
5) F vs D Sunday Heritage 6pm
6) G vs C Sat Trillium 6pm
7) C vs F Friday Heritage 5pm
8) B vs F
Sat Fallowfield 4pm
9) C vs A Sunday Trillium 12pm
10) E vs B Sunday Heritage 3pm
11) A vs B Sat Fallowfield 10am
1) CC Reds A 5 - Milton 7
2) Barrie 11 - Diamond 6
3) Diamond 15 - CC Reds A 5
4) Barrie 2  - Milton 3
5) CC Reds B 1 - Barrie 9
6) Diamond 8 - Gatineau 2 
7) Gatineau
3 - CC Reds B 1
8) Brampton 20 - CC Reds B 7
9) Gatineau 16 - CC Reds A 7
10) Milton Mets 0 - Brampton 10
11) CC Reds A  1 - Brampton 20
3 vs. Milton 2
Barrie 8 vs. Gatineau 4
FINALS 4:00pm
Brampton vs. Barrie

Barrie Baycats won the final 2-1

Standings U16.jpg
1) Drummondville 7 - Leaside 2
2) CC Reds 11 - Leaside 2
3) Ravens 3 - Muskoka 11
4) CC Reds Collegiate 15 - Muskoka 
5) Diamond 8 - CC Reds 5
6) Leaside 2- Diamond 12
7) CC Reds Collegiate 3 - Knights 2
8) Muskoka 13 - Knights 10
9) Drummondville 10 - Diamond 6
10) CC Reds 9 - Drummondville 10
11) Ravens 10 - Knights 2 
12) CC Reds Collegiate
0 - Ravens 10
1) B vs D Sat Fallowfield 1pm
2) A vs D Sat Kinsmen 7pm
3) G vs F Sat Kinsmen 9am
4) E vs F Sunday Trillium 5pm
5) A vs C Friday Kinsmen 830pm
6) D vs C
Sunday Fallowfield 9am
7) E vs H Sat Trillium 12pm
8) F vs H Sunday Trillium 8pm
9) B vs C Sat Fallowfield 7pm
10) A vs B Sunday Sportsplex 7pm
11) G vs H Friday Sportsplex 8pm
12) E vs G
Sunday Kinsmen 11am
4 vs. CC Reds Collegiate 6
Ravens 1 vs. Diamond 2
FINALS 3:00pm
CC Reds Collegiate vs. Diamond

 CC Reds Collegiate won the final 7-1 

Standings Collegiate.jpg


Rosters must be submitted before your first game and then they are locked for the duration of that event.  Only players who are rostered can play in the tournament


A coin toss administered by the umpire or the site supervisor at each field will be used to determine home/away team for each game during pool play games. Top team in Championship rounds will get home for that game


All dugout selections are based upon a first come first serve basis; any disputes will be determined by the site supervisor and tournament officials, if needed. 


There is no pre-game infield outfield allowed. We do allow for warmups on the outfield and ground balls in foul territory on your side of the field. 


  • Lineup cards must be completely filled out with players first name, last name, position and accurate jersey number. All subs should be listed with accurate jersey numbers as well.

  • A copy MUST be given to the opposing team’s Head Coach, Home Plate Umpire and scorekeeper for your game prior to the first pitch of that game.



There is a 2h30 time limit on all games except for the championship games (This rule can be modified if impacted by weather, field conditions). This rule means that no inning can start after 2h30.


Only used when within the time limit for pool play or game will be determined a tie. All playoff/championship games will start with this rule in the 8th inning 

  • 8th inning on: Runner on 2nd with no outs (Runner on 2nd was last batter of previous inning).

Tie breakers for standings after the Round Robin games, and for standings to determine 1st and 2nd place semi-finalists:
#1)  Two way ties are broken by the head to head game. 

        U16 will be based on winning% since one team has to play 4 games in a 7 team tournament
#2)  Least runs allowed.
#3)  Most runs scored.
#4)  Least runners left on 3rd base defensively (... then 2nd base, then 1st base).
#5)  Most runners left on 3rd base offensively (... then 2nd base, then 1st base).


Only 9 players extra hitters permitted....DH permitted for the pitcher only. It will be a forfeit. 



  • 16U Division: BBCOR / Metal Bats -5

  • Collegiate Division:  Wood Bats Only!  



  • Major League rules will be used throughout the tournament.

  • No re-entry. Any substitute entering the game, if replaced at a later point, is out for the remainder of the game.

  • Pitchers when removed from the game as a pitcher, can NOT return as a pitcher in that game.

  • Courtesy Runners are allowed for Catcher ONLY! Must be player on your bench, if you have substitutes. If there are no substitutes, it can be the last out of the previous inning.

  • ALL substitutions and changes must go through the home plate umpire & the official scorer at each field.

  • Mound visits are limited to 1 per inning. After the 1st visit, each time the coach visits the mound in that same inning, the pitcher needs to be replaced.

  • Pitchers do NOT have to throw 4 pitches to have an intentional walk.



There is a mercy rule for all games in round robin and Championship games

  • 10 runs after 5 innings


Our tournament can be impacted by weather. Our games are based on time (2h30 time limits, while most games finish complete, we can NOT base this decision on an official game based on innings). Any game that has played more than 1 hour 30 minutes (75%) of the time allocated will be determined official and final. No games will be suspended, made up or rescheduled at that time frame. Any game that is suspended before the 1 hour 30 minutes, will be ATTEMPTED to be rescheduled and picked up from point of delay. If a game is determined official and the inning is NOT complete, we will revert back to the last complete inning played for score, stats and determination of winner/loser or a tie. This decision is finalized with Tournament officials to maintain safe, proper and efficient field conditions and event schedules.



Any coach or player that is ejected from a game is automatically suspended for the next game of the tournament.



Any protests will be handled at the time of incident.